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Chickpea Hummus


Why is our Super Hummus so good?

Our secret: the best ingredients.

​ A good organic olive oil, a high quality chickpea, a natural sea salt, it makes all the difference.

​ The lacto-fermentation produces a natural and delicious acidity.

Olive Branch and Olive Oil


Le Canada fait partie des 10 plus grands producteurs de pois chiches dans le monde. On les achète du ouest canadien pour vous offrir la meilleure qualité. Connu pour ses bienfaits, notre Super Hummus est le plus digestible sur le marché grâce à la lacto-fermentatio. EN effet, les bactéries lactiques présentes dans notre Super Hummus, prédigèrent les pois chiches.

Organic olive oil

Did you know that 40% of olive oils tested in 2021 had an anomaly? This is why during our search for the best ingredients, we mainly opted for quality and transparency. We make sure to offer a product worthy of our customers.

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Uncooked dried chickpeas in wooden spoon with raw green chickpea pod plant on wooden table

Tahini (sesame butter)

Great for bones, stress, metabolism and more, this simple and tasty ingredient   gives our Hummus that delicious taste.

Tahini Sauce
Image by Timo Volz

natural sea salt

It's so simple, yet so important. Our salt must be natural for the fermentation to go well. In fact, it has not undergone any transformation. Direct from the Mediterranean. That's why it gives an excellent flavor.

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