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If you ate Kimchi or sauerkraut, you probably ate a lacto-fermented food.

It's simply a very old method of preserving food by keeping it in an oxygen-free environment with salt. This method develops lactic acid bacteria (hence the name lacto-fermentation) these are the good bacteria necessary for digestion. They are called probiotics.


Goods made from lacto-fermentation

1) Lacto-fermented foods are more digestible:

Lactic acid bacteria improve digestive health because they   predigest foods during fermentation(1). Fermentation reduces carbohydrates as well as certain compounds causing digestion problems(2). Studies have shown that fermented foods help reduce symptoms of chronic gastrointestinal diseases(3).


2) More nutritional value:

During fermentation, the microorganisms will create different nutrients such as vitamin C and B12(4)plus protein and antioxidants(5).  

3) A boost for the immune system:

Due to their high probiotic content, fermented foods can boost the immune system and reduce the risk of infections like the common cold.(6).

Consuming foods rich in probiotics can also help promote better health.


4) An excellent accompaniment: 

Since fermented foods contain enzymes, they help better absorb nutrients from other foods eaten during a meal. (7).


5) A positive effect on certain diseases:

The lactic acid bacteria that develop during lacto-fermentation could help prevent certain cancers.(8) (9)


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